Definitive ranking of every drink at Hopdoddy

While Jimmy was eating the ghost pepper burger that I featured previously, I was working on this project: a definitive ranking of every cocktail, what they call a “signature sip”, at Hopdoddy. As I mentioned in my previous post, Hopdoddy has a phenomenal happy hour. Their burger special is $5, craft drinks, wine, and “signature sips” are $5, and their amazing Kennebec fries are $5. That includes the green chili queso. Their signature sip menu is fairly short, so since I’ve discovered their happy hour, I’ve been able to go through the entire list. Now I present all that I discovered to you, so that you can make the best choices.

Blood red drink

Hey Neighbor!
Description from the menu: Bloody Mary with Beet and Tomato Juices, our Spicy House Blend, and Black Lava Salt Rim
My thoughts: A Bloody Mary that turns your poop colors. Usually when I get a Bloody Mary, it’s because my guilt requires me to even out my alcohol and carb consumption with vegetables. The inclusion of beets here means that this Bloody Mary is twice as effective at that! The consistency is more that of food than a drink, so it feels like a meal. I couldn’t get through this without help.

a small drink
Little Larry
Description from the menu: Mini-classic frozen margarita topped with Grand Marnier
My thoughts: This tastes like an old-man version of a margarita. Imagine wearing a smoking jacket to the beach, and you have the general gist of this drink.

Frozen margarita with a black salt rim

Classic Frozen Margarita
Description from the menu: Gold Tequila, Fresh Citrus Juices, House-made Triple Sec, Black Lava Salt Rim, Served Icy & Delicious.
My thoughts: This is a pretty basic margarita, so there’s not much I can say about it. Basic, but delicious. The black salt rim is a nice touch, making you feel like you are getting something much fancier.

pink drink in a martini glass

Lil’ Prick
Description from the menu: A Sassy Prickly Pear Martini with Silver Tequila, Fresh-squeezed Lime Juice, Black Lava Salt Rim.
My thoughts: This is one of the most attractive drinks, with it’s wide-mouth glass and bright color. I love prickly pear in theory, but in practice I always find that it’s just not that flavorful. The taste is not unlike their traditional martini, but with a more Sex In The City presentation.

Doble Fina Margarita
Description from the menu: Silver Tequila, Freshly-squeezed Lime Juice, Sweet Agave, House-infused Triple Sec
My thoughts: Quite the tasty margarita, but still very basic.

Mighty Mule
Description from the menu: Refreshing Sparkler with Vodka, Maine Root Ginger Brew, Fresh Lime Juice
My thoughts: No surprises here. It’s a classic Moscow Mule.

A Corona beer bottle turned upside down into a frosty goblet of margarita
The Skinny Dip
Description from the menu: A 7oz Coronita Dunked into a Goblet of Frozen Margarita with a Black Lava Salt Rim.
My thoughts: This is a beergarita made with Hopdoddy’s yummy classic margarita as a base. I actually prefer it to the margarita alone because the beer evens out the sweetness of the triple sec. You have to manage this drink, though. Left to its own devices, the beer will not trickle out fast enough, leading to a lot of beer leftover at the end. This is what I would get if I was treating guests from out of town in order to show them a bit of Austin.
Note: This is $10.50 on the menu but it is is also $5 during happy hour!

Bubbly Blonde
Description from the menu: House-infused St. Germain, Sustainable White Wine, Lemon, Orange, Bubbles, Basil
My thoughts: This is their only drink with bubbles, so it’s the one I order the most often (after their seasonal watermelon margarita). The St. Germain adds a delicate touch. I just wish the serving size were larger because I want to drink this forever.

A drink, salad, and fries

Description from the menu: Gold tequila, Freshly-squeezed orange and lime juices, Pomegranate Grenadine, Served on the rocks with a Chili Salt Rim
My thoughts: Maybe it’s the use of fresh juices instead of triple sec, but this drink is miles above their traditional margarita. It has the perfect balance of sweet and tart that you want in a fruity cocktail. You will probably drink it with a straw, so the chili salt is unfortunately just for looks.

Soco Sweet Tea
Description from the menu: House-infused limoncello, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, Raspberry Puree, Fresh-squeezed Lemon
My thoughts: This is so much sweeter than I usually like my drinks but I don’t care because it is fan-fucking-tastic. Every element of this works well together to create something unique and yummy. If it was just Sweet Tea Vodka with limoncello, that would already be worth ordering, but the raspberry puree gives it an extra boost of flavor and a slightly slushy texture. It’s everything you could want in a summer drink.

Top down view of a drink with two cherries floating on top

Black Cherry Hard Limeade
Description from the Menu: Your choice of gin or vodka, lime wedges, black cherry fizz
My thoughts: This is the least sweet choice among their “Signature Sips”. It tastes exactly as it claims, like a crisp, refreshing limeade that is only incidentally alcoholic. This is one of those drinks that is so light and smooth that you want to drink it like soda. Praise zeus the table service is slow at Hopdoddy or this could lead to trouble.

Thanks to all my friends who helped me taste these, including Rebecca, Jason, and Lauren!

Hopdoddy Review: Love at First Sting Burger

I have been going to Hopdoddy a lot lately because I love their vegan options and cocktails. That’s right, I go to a burger joint for their kale salad. IT HAS WATERMELON AND AVOCADO ON IT. Now the Impossible Burger, which is amazing, has given me just that much more reason to go. 

We went a few weeks ago to try out their special burger, the Love at First Sting burger (click through for a picture).  It’s so spicy, they require signing a waiver if you order it. Or, they say they do anyway. We did not sign a waiver. It comes with so many peppers, including two preparations of ghost peppers, that our server got tired listing all of them and just said, “it has a lot of stuff–too much.” Their specials are $5 during Happy Hour (yes, you heard me correctly), so we thought ‘why not?’.

In truth, I stuck with my kale, avocado, and watermelon salad. Jimmy was the only one brave enough to actually try the Love at First Sting burger. They give you a free mini milkshake with it to cool you off. He started off in good spirits.

Smiling man holding a tiny milkshake

It was an easy start.

Man eating a hamburger

Then things got serious. Sweat beads began to form.

Man choking on hamburger

Finishing with the milkshake.

Sweaty man drinking a tiny milkshake

Final thoughts? Despite his silly faces, it wasn’t actually that hot! It’s not as hot as hot chicken, for instance. Most of the heat came from the caramelized pepper topping, so if you got a big bite of that, it was spicy. Otherwise, it was just a mildly spicy burger, quite the let down for challenge seekers. Jimmy thought his milkshake was phenomenal though, and overall enjoyed his meal. I, as always, enjoyed my salad.